Ticket Contest - Rangers/Flyers - January 29, 2019

A few times a year, I run a contest to give away my season tickets for a Rangers game. The tickets are my normal seats - 3 seats in Section 224, Row 10 - for the Tuesday, 1/29 game vs. the Flyers.

The contest is the same as I’ve used before this season - for each $1 donated to the charity below, you will receive one entry to win the tickets, up to 50 entries. You have to donate at least $10 (which would get you 10 entries). If you donate $25, you get 25 entries, and so on. If you donate more than $50 though you only get 50 entries.

The charity this time is close to my heart - Girls Rock Philly. GRP is a nonprofit organization that supports and mentors young women interested in music and performace. My half-sister was very involved with GRP before she passed away suddenly a few weeks ago at a much-too-young age. I’d really appreciate any financial support you can send them, and I will make a matching donation of all the contrest entries.

Please comment below with the amount of your donation to confirm your entry. Keep your receipt in case I want to confirm ;)

The contest will run until midnight on Thursday, 1/24. The winner will need to give me a mailing address, and I will overnight the paper tickets by the end of the week.

Good luck and Let’s Go Rangers!

I DO DECLARE (The NHL is Transparent)

So the NHL has released a new "Declaration of Principles" which really sounds great. It's all about inclusion, growing the game to different groups and genders, etc. The list is collectively "signed" by pretty much every noteworthy hockey league in North America, and the IIHF as well. It even has the blessing of the Pope. (Jokes about the inclusiveness of the Catholic Church aside, apparently NHL representatives participated in a summit held by the Vatican on using sports to unite people, which certainly sounds like a noble, if unlikely goal).

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#ShadowOvechkin.  #ShadowOvechkin when he's on the Capitals' power play, I mean specifically. It's something I've tweeted many, many, many times. It even lends itself to a character-saving play on words. I've been in reasonably-civil arguments online about it with people who make decent points. But so far, I remain steadfast in my belief: When on a 4v5 PK against the Caps, the penalty-killing team should have a F glue himself to Ovechkin to limit his shots from the Ovi Spot. Last night, the NYR let him fire away from that spot, and it ended up leading to the first goal of the night (originally credited to Ovi, but later changed to Justin Williams). 

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The Tanner Glass Experience

Whether Tanner Glass plays one game in 2016/17, or the rest of them, it probably doesn't matter much for the NYR's chances at the 2017 Stanley Cup. The Defense is just so so bad.  

But it's fun to look at players on the extreme of stats - the truly great and the truly awful.  So let's look at just how bad Glass has been...

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Federer's Backhand.

The conventional wisdom is that Roger Federer's weakness, to the extent that he has one, is in his one-handed backhand. This is especially an issue against Rafael Nadal, who has traditionally, at least according to that same conventional wisdom, targeted attacks on Federer's backhand side with Nadal's high-bouncing lefty forehand. When Nadal gets that forehand kicking off the court, and makes Federer try to muscle an awkward one-handed backhand groundstroke from a hit point higher up towards his shoulder, it generally spells trouble for Federer.  ...

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