I DO DECLARE (The NHL is Transparent)

So the NHL has released a new "Declaration of Principles" which really sounds great. It's all about inclusion, growing the game to different groups and genders, etc. The list is collectively "signed" by pretty much every noteworthy hockey league in North America, and the IIHF as well. It even has the blessing of the Pope. (Jokes about the inclusiveness of the Catholic Church aside, apparently NHL representatives participated in a summit held by the Vatican on using sports to unite people, which certainly sounds like a noble, if unlikely goal).

But NHL fans are a cynical bunch, and some jumped at the chance to question the NHL's commitment to these principles. 

And for good reason. The Crack Staff #HockeyInsiders here at the Roenick Institute for Hockeymacation have been leaked a copy of an early draft of the Declaration, penned by none other than Colin Campbell, the NHL's High Prince of Head Shots and Unintentional Hilarity, with notes from Gary Bettman himself.


Seems to me the NHL's true "commitment" comes through loud and clear here.


... Again I'm right in my analysis!