Pretentious Cheeseburger (my new improv troupe).

Rogers Place, the new home of perennial-[lottery]-winners Edmonton Oilers, issued a press release [!!!!] for its latest specialty food item, the Bobby Nick's Burger.  Named for Oilers Entertainment [sic] Group CEO and Vice Chairman Bob Nicholson, the burger is...well let's go to the press release.

First - "as sweet and spicy as the man himself"...?  Ewwww.

Second - "...and a signature sauce created by Bob himself..."  Doubleewwww.  I haven't been this nauseated by an Oilers public statement since Peter Chiarelli called "Frankenstein-Monster-Without-The-Brains" Milan Lucic a "good person".


The original release was July - but since no one cares about the Oilers except during the 7 weeks between the start of the hockey season and the date they are eliminated from the playoff contention, it made little noise at the time.

Then a few weeks ago, friend of the blog (I assume), and wise fan Kent Wilson  re-posted the story on The Twitter.

As ridiculous as the release is, the real joy was learning that there were comments, and they were unmoderated.  It took a little time, but once the word got out, the comedy flowed freely, like shots against a Kris Russell-led defense.  As a veteran of comment thread-jacking, I knew they wouldn't last long - though it took the Oilers almost 18 hours to hide them for some reason - so I made sure to get as many screengrabs as possible.  Click to enlarge if necessary

[Note - as of this writing, the comments on the press release page are still open.]